Nagg signNaggalama Hospital is a rural, 100 bed community hospital, 38 km northwest of Kampala administered by the Little Sisters of St. Francis. Like most community hospitals in Uganda, Naggalama operates under severe constraints of staffing and funding. The hospital charges fees for treatment, but no one is turned away because of inability to pay. Funding for the hospital is dependent on service fees, donations from within Uganda and overseas, support from the Catholic Church and subsidies from the Ugandan Government.To learn more see the Wikipedia entry, click here


image_4In August 2015 Medicaudit installed their computer management system using computers donated by Rotary Doctor Bank





photoIn January 2013 a volunteer surgical team from Reading, UK was sponsored by Rotary Doctor Bank including a donation for surgical supplies.They carried out 90 procedures on 70 patients, mostly abdominal hernias.