Kitovu-viewKitovu Health Care Complex, known as St. Joseph’s, is located near Masaka, Uganda, about 140 km west of the capital Kampala. It is a 200 bed eneral hospital offering a 24-hour-service with some specialized services such as Obstetrics/Gynecology, Paediatrics, Surgery. It is a centre of excellence for Obstetric Fistula Repair and Prevention. Besides pastoral care, the complex is also home to several intern and outreach programs, such as a laboratory training school and HIV/AIDS programme. To learn more, visit their website – click here

Dr Rogers with Sr Goretti
Dr Rogers with Sr Goretti


In July 2012 Medicaudit undertook computerisation of the outpatient medical records and accounts departments. A donation of two computers and one printer from Rotary Doctor Bank was delivered. Software was installed and training given.



Bristol 2014

In 2014 Bristol University began sending fourth year medical students to carry out SSC projects at Kitovu.





January 2017. Two more loans are helping Kitovu Hospital. The Medicaudit Foundation has given support to the scheme which gives staff loans so helping them and improving loyalty and retention.



Rotary Doctor Bank has given a loan to help build a new ward as shown in the picture