April 2014 – Jim McWhirter

This visit was a very rewarding trip as the patience, hard work and generosity of so many of you is now bearing real fruit on the ground.

KMH mat  constr


The maternity ward and the old operating theatre at Kamuli are both being refurbished and extended.photo

This has been made possible with the support of many individuals and Rotary Clubs, a large private donation, the Uganda Childbirth Injuries Fund, Rotary Doctor Bank, fundraising by Dr Philip Unwin of Henley, and a Rotary Global Grant.


At the same time a Rotary Vocational Training Team was teaching lifesaving skills at the School of Nursing and Midwifery.


After Kamuli I visited ten other hospitals, being driven 1350 miles by my Ugandan friend and colleague, Dr Rogers Kabuye of Medicaudit.

Some of these are hospitals which have been using the Medicaudit management system for some time and where it has produced very real financial benefits.
We were seeing other hospitals to assess their suitability for using the system.
By increasing management efficiency and use of resources, Medicaudit increases hospital income without the need to increase patient fees which is very important as most patients are poor subsistence farmers.
We have embarked on a programme to install Medicaudit in 30 – 40 hospitals over the next few years. The team has been expanded to cope with the extra work and the whole project will be self funding in five years time as hospitals pay a fee for ongoing maintenance and support. In the meantime your donations will support this critical work which is enabling hospitals to save lives by working more effectively with extra funds for staff, equipment and buildings. For the next two years all donations to this work will be matched fully by a very generous private donor up to a maximum of £20,000.

Examples of benefits from using Medicaudit that we saw are are shown below and were both purchased from their own savings and without donor help.



New staff quarters at Villa Maria.

image  A new X-ray at Nkozi

IMG_1979You may recall that Kilembe Hospital lost all their staff quarters in a flood in May last year. It was very gratifying to see how we had refurbished a previously burnt out house to provide accommodation for four nurses.


Thanks to all of you who have helped to make all this possible.

To make a donation which will attract gift aid and a full matching increase, follow this link to Virgin Money Giving by clicking here

Many thanks!

Jim McWhirter April 2014