Kamuli 7.16Kamuli Mission Hospital pictured right is typical of many private, not-for-profit hospitals which deliver healthcare to poor rural communities across Uganda in East Africa. This website highlights the work these hospitals do in very challenging circumstances of low resources which lead to constant shortages of staff, materials and equipment. We are currently working with over 20 hospitals  and are constantly expanding our service to more hospitals and other health care providers.

wp7adf5f11_06Our work is supported by Rotary Doctor Bank, a UK based charity which sends health work volunteers abroad and supports medical work in developing countries in other ways including equipment and finance.
We work through Medicaudit in Uganda. It is a non-profit organisation registered in Uganda which specialises in supporting mission hospitals serving the poor rural areas. The map shows the locations of hospitals we are working with. Our aim is improve their efficiency thus making the best possible use of very limited resources and enabling them to deliver low cost quality healthcare to the poor.


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